Green Man

A Little Spring Ritual

Spring is here. The time between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice is my favourite time of year. There is so much change and life seems to be literally pushing itself back into existence after the darkness of the Winter months. I know, I know, for

Yearning for the Green to Return

I've heard it said that the ancients held their ceremonies, in part, to ensure the return of Spring and Summer. We now know that the seasons are an interplay between the Sun, the turning Earth and its axis, but standing on the Gorsedd mound at the Long

New Lyric – Antlered Crown and Standing Stone

I found the tune for this song when I was 'noodling' on my guitar in the most beautiful chalet overlooking Loch Ness whilst Cerri and I were on holiday in Scotland last April. It was a cracking anthemic tune and it needed lyrics to back that up.