I’ve heard it said that the ancients held their ceremonies, in part, to ensure the return of Spring and Summer. We now know that the seasons are an interplay between the Sun, the turning Earth and its axis, but standing on the Gorsedd mound at the Long Man of Wilmington yesterday as the Anderida Gorsedd held their Spring Equinox ritual I found myself feeling very much like our ancient ancestors.

We were there to celebrate the return of Spring but as we stood in minus degree icey winds that literally took the breath away my thoughts turned, as they ofter do at the Long Man, to the Barrows on the top of the hill. Those people held their rituals to ensure the warmth’s return, the ensure a good harvest. Last year’s Summer was almost non-existent and it’s felt like an age since I felt Bel’s warmth on my skin. Like many people I’m sure my vitamin D is pretty low right now, the SAD is threatening to kick in, and I can feel my heart yearning to stand in the sunshine and feel that warmth once more.

greenfieldIt’s still cold today and I’m reading peoples’ status updates on Facebook and Twitter saying more snow is falling in parts of Albion. I do know the Spring will come. I do know the Summer will warm my bones. I do.

There was a sheen of green on the brow of the corn field below the Long Man. Snowdrops have come and gone, daffodils and crocuses are in flower. The eyes of the Young God are turning to the Land as the Goddess catches his eye.

And I know they will lay together with the flowering of the May.

I feel like this every year around this time. I’m a child of Summer. I don’t want to wish my life away, but I, for one, cannot wait for Beltane!