Thinking About – Home and our Connection to the Land

I was born in Cornwall, that mysterious peninsula at the far south west of Britain. A place of moorland, majestic rocky shores with the mighty Atlantic ocean pounding it's grey stone cliffs. A place of small fishing villages, strange folklore customs, and small tortured trees with branches

The Awen Journey – Damh the Bard/Anderida Grove

In 2010 members of the Anderida Grove gathered to record the sacred Druid Awen chant (which means 'Flowing Spirit', or 'Divine Inspiration'). I later added drones, drums, bells, gongs and other percussion to create this hour-long soundtrack to be used for Inner Journeying. Thanks goes to the

AnderidaFest 2010 – The Goddess and the Green Man

Me and Cerri have been hosting the Anderida camps in Sussex since September 2003. They are small magical weekend camps, limited to 60/70 people, that have a theme that we all explore during the weekend. The size of the camps means that we can all go very