New YouTube Channel Launched – The Green Grimoire

New YouTube Channel Launched – The Green Grimoire

Hello, my friends. Yes me and Cerri have launched a new YouTube channel. It’s been a while in the making and the first video was uploaded yesterday. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will have already seen some of my thoughts about what I’ve been calling the ‘Green Grimoire’ ie, the Book of Nature. It’s said that the ancient Druids never wrote anything down. Was that because they were illiterate? I don’t think so. My feeling is they knew that every book of magic, connection, religion, spirituality, survival, wonder, community, everything, had already been written, and those words were all around us in the Book of Nature itself. The Green Grimoire.

To me, those insights came from a time before religion. When our ancestors’ lives were utterly entwined with their environment and they knew that every hill, mountain, river, stream, ocean, rock, animal, bird, plant and tree had Spirit, and was connected, and we were part of that connection. The skill lies in learning to read and understand the language of the Book. We aren’t taught how to do that. In fact, we are taught the exact opposite. What our ancestors and many indigenous peoples still teach their young, is something we have to re-learn.

My Path has always had the underlying foundation of Animism. All of the myths I have loved are translations of the Green Grimoire – revealed to us in the form of story. My songs have always done the same. Music and song have always been sacred to me. Sacred expressions of the Songs of the land, sea, and sky. Cerri’s relationship with her allotment and our garden is the same as mine to music. We love the ancient sacred sites for the same reason – to listen and hear their songs.

This new channel is a place where we can express those things. We wanted to create a space on the internet that focussed entirely on a nourishing and direct connection with Nature. A place that would also challenge us to live our best lives. If that sounds like a journey you would like to join us on, pop over to The Green Grimoire channel and subscribe. You can also watch the first of Cerri’s Wheel of the Year videos below.


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  1. Hi Damh & Cerri. What a great idea for a channel, I’m off to watch it now & I’ll definitely be subscribing to it. I have the same outlook towards Nature as you do. I used to have a garden in which I grew herbs & vegetables. Now I live in a Retiremrent Flat, I’m hoping to grow herbs on my indoor window shelves & maybe some indoor salad plants too.
    I enjoyed your viddo, Cerri. I’ve also asked shopkeepers for boxes & bits they are throwing out & after an initial look of astonishment they have been very willing.
    Off to YT to watch The Green Grimoire now.
    Blessings to you both.

  2. Hi Damh and Cerri. Thank you! I subscribed straight away. It’s a great initiative and I’m looking forward to it so much. My own beliefs are exactly as you describe here, and have been since I was a small child gardening with my Welsh grandmother, who had “green fingers” and loved the land. I love Cerri’s dedication to the garden/allotment and to that relationship with the plant world that helps us all and honours Mother Earth. Blessings to you both. Ann

  3. I really enjoyed watching your first video! I hope you will continue to announce when new ones are posted here and/or on Facebook! I subscribed to your channel but I only remember to check YouTube when directed there from outside sources so I’ll have an easier time keeping up if I see announcements!

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