I’m currently sitting on the sofa listening to Cerri try to renew her car insurance with Zurich over the phone. She had to call them because they threatened to refuse her insurance if she didn’t call them up by a specific date. I am the problem it seems… She put my occupation on the form as ‘musician’, and she has been on the phone to them for about an hour.

I’ve heard her say:

“No, he won’t be having groupies in the car.”

“No drugs, but you are likely to find Arun jumpers, and probably some Morris bells.”

Then this classic: “It’s not like he lives the sex, drugs and rock n roll life, HE’S A FOLK MUSICIAN!!”

To be honest we were laughing until they gave her the quote… It seems that if you’re a musician, no matter if that’s a rock musician, folk musician, or a violinist at Glyndebourne, we are all lumped in as crazy party animals. I blame George Michael for driving his car into that shop myself.

So she’s trying a new company, this time putting me down as ‘composer’. What the difference a word can make!