DruidCast Episode 39a – Special edition – Wild Wisdom Meditations

Shownotes for DruidCast Episode 39a

This is a special edition of DruidCast that features a guided meditation on all four elements taken from the album Wild Wisdom Meditations and led by Philip Carr-Gomm. Music is by Nigel Shaw (http://www.seventhwavemusic.co.uk). There are four more meditations in this series and they are available on the album Wild Wisdom Meditations from either iTunes or CDBaby.com.

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/wild-wisdom-meditations-earth/id377293139
CDBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/PhilipCarrGomm

I hope you enjoy the journey!

Direct download: http://c3.libsyn.com/media/18840/DruidCast_SHOW39a_OBOD.mp3

2 responses to “DruidCast Episode 39a – Special edition – Wild Wisdom Meditations”

  1. Thank you for going into this subject on Druidcast. Living in the USA, we of the European descent don’t have incredible and historical sacred sites to go to, generaly all sacred sites find their history in Native American (American Indian) culture. As a person seeking Awen in nature, a refugee from traditional sacred sites I find Wild Wisdom Meditations to be very key to learning insight from nature, the source of all.

  2. Hello! Could you please tell me who is the musician playing the flute in the Wild Wisdom: Meditation on the Element of Air? I’m trying to track down their music and would appreciate any information you could give.

    Thanks so much.

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