These Hollow Hills

These Hollow Hills

Pwyll invites some of his warriors to walk with him, to the top of a hill nearby called Gorsedd Arberth. It is said that if a nobleman sits upon the hill one of two things will happen – either he will suffer wounds or blows, or he will see a wonder. Will a wonder show itself?

Won’t you come and walk with me,

(On these hills these hollow hills)

Such a wonder there to see,

(So the story goes)

Neath the green and different skies,

(In these hills these hollow hills)

Is where the land of Faerie lies,

(So the story goes)

All is quiet, all is still, take a seat upon this hill,

The Eye of Bel is closing soon,

In evening’s twilight you sit down, upon this sacred hollow mound,

To receive a wonder or a wound.

From the day that you were born, and when you heard the hunter’s horn,

Is this freewill or destiny?

The Grey Folk smiling it is done, the spell is cast it has begun,

And such a wonder you will see,

And as that day back in the Glen, the air is still and silent when,

A vision from across the field,

The Gates of Annwn open wide, a Lady on a horse astride,

And now the prophecy’s revealed.