These Hollow Hills (Once More)

And so the four of us, with our entire retinue, made our way up the hill of Gorsedd Arberth, just as my father had done. 

What possessed me to make that suggestion? 

I thought, at the time, it was free will, but hindsight is a powerful thing, and of course I soon understood that it was once more the influence of Annwn, gently guiding my fate, as it always had done.

Verse 1

An uninvited guest,

Whispered words only I can hear,

Such a kind request,

Come, it says, there is nothing there to fear.

My feet upon the land

Where years gone past my Father trod before

Shadow silhouettes,

Phantom hands they open up the door.



Won’t you come and walk with me

It’s how the story goes

Such a wonder there to see

On this hill

This hollow hill

Once more. 


Verse 2

In my mother’s eyes,

The path has gone there’s nowhere left to run,

Lightning fills the sky,

The darkened moon creeps across the sun.

Whispered magic words,

Bind us in this tragic rendezvous

And from between the worlds,

Annwn’s breath comes ever seeping through.


Verse 3

North, south, west and east,

The mist withdraws. See what is revealed,

No building bird or beast,

No corn or farmer working in the field.

Have I gone insane?

A puppet hanging from another’s hand,

Am I the one to blame?

Have I brought this curse upon the land?