The Cauldron

As Rhiannon rode out from Glyn Cuch into the sunlight the shadow-figure pursuing her stopped, let out an anguished cry, and disappeared back into the forest. The castle stood in the valley below, its gate, and the door to the inner keep, lay open.

Verse 1

I can feel you near,

Come to me now,

There’s nothing to fear,

What do you see?

Surrender now,

Your curiosity.

I am,

The Universe touched by Divinity,

I stand, 

With endless chains into eternity.



I will not boil for one foresworn,

Spells cast in a gathering storm,

Pour vengeance, malice, blood and scorn,

And from the void your will,

Your will is born.


Verse 2

Yes I have your son,

Run to him now,

The spell is nearly done,

Reach out your hands,

To shining pearls,

You still don’t understand,

His eyes,

Wide with fear this feels just like a dream,

The prize

As doors they close upon your silent scream.


Verse 3

The castle slowly turns,

Beneath me now,

A kindled fire burns,

Breath of the Nine,

A shroud of mist,

Now that you are mine,

See how,

We fade away, as darkness starts to fall,

And now,

An ocean roars beyond these castle walls.