The Birds of Rhiannon

The Birds of Rhiannon

As soon as we began the feast three birds came. We had to gaze far out to see to catch sight of them, yet their song was clear and true. As if they we in the court with us. Their song was the most beautiful sound we had ever heard. All other birdsong was harsh when compared theirs. The peak of each wave on the ocean shone white in the sunlight, as if a million white horses galloped towards the shore. Then I knew. These were my Mother’s birds. The Birds of Rhiannon had arrived.

Verse 1

Life it can,

Feel just like falling sand,

From my open hand,

I let it fall.

Then on the wing,

Three birds begin to sing,

And white horses bring,

Their song to shore.

I hear your voice over the sea,

Mother take this pain from me!


Comfort me,

Make us strong,

Hear the hope within the Birds of Rhiannon’s song,

Now I see,

All along,

The ocean your white horses ride upon,

Bring Birds of Rhiannon’s song.

Verse 2 – Rhiannon

I am here,

There’s nothing more to fear,

I’ll catch your falling tears,

In the sea.

So hear my song,

And may your heart be strong,

May all your pain be gone,

My son be free.

Wherever you go, whate’er you do,

I am always there with you.

Verse 3

The sky blood red,

Your birds have always led,

Guide the souls of the dead,

To Western Lands,

Neath the setting sun

Branwen walks with her son,

There with Efnyssien,

Hand in hand.

And every soul lost in the war,

Hear waves break upon another shore.