Ships from the West

Ships from the West


As Bran and his brothers stand upon the Rock of Harlech, they see thirteen sails approaching from the direction of Ireland…


Verse 1

Bran the High King, what do you see?

On the rolling tide, O’r the sea from Ireland.

I see thirteen sails, and a shield tip raised high,

On the rolling tide, O’r the sea from Ireland.


Verse 2

Go down, go down, and see what they bring,

Those Ships from the west, on the rolling sea.

Tis the King, tis the King, an alliance to bring,

Branwen’s hand, your sister to marry.


Verse 3

Let him land, let him land, for I do agree,

My sister’s hand, for a promise of peace,

Go now, go now, by land and by sea,

To Ynys Mon, at Aberffaw we shall meet.