Suggested Links


The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids

Anderida Gorsedd

The Pagan Federation

Witchvox Site

Children of Artemis

British Druid Order

Great Megalithic Site

The Druid Network

Pentacle Drummers

Eastbourne Lammas Festival

Musical Influences

Dougie Maclean (One of the best Celtic singer/songwriters in the world)

Robin Williamson (A great modern Bard, from the Incredible String Band)

Fiona Davidson (Another fabulous modern Bard)

John Denver (Does this man really need an introduction…?)

Martin Simpson (One of the best fingerstyle guitarists)

Tommy Emmanuel (THE best guitar player on the planet)

Show of Hands – (My favourite English folk band)

Ramones (Yes, really! They have been my favourite punk rock band since I was a teenager. Always reminding me that life should be treated with the humour it deserves…)

AC/DC – (Again, they lifted me when I was a teenager, and they continue to refuse to compromise even today. They are, to me, the best heavy rock band ever – Angus! Angus!)

Great Instruments, Suppliers and Strings

Taylor Guitars

Guild Guitars

Orchid Electronics Acoustic Pre Amp

Elixer Strings

Starfish Designs Harps

Camac Harps

Hobgoblin Music

Pagan Art online

Cerri Lee

Will Worthington