(Damh the Bard)

Blodeuwedd is the great Goddess from the fourth branch of the Welsh Mabinogion. This is the second part of a trilogy of songs started with ‘Oak Broom and Meadowsweet’ and ended with ‘Cloak of Feathers’. To many Blodeuwedd is seen as a betrayer, but not to me. She was conjoured by Gwydion and Math to be a wife for Lleu Llaw Gyffess, so she was a trapped woman, and we all know that this is NOT a good idea….

Look into the water, tell me what do you see?
I see a woman of flowers crying out to be free.
I see a Goddess, a woman, in a circle of trees.
I see Math and Gwydion fall to their knees.
Fall to their knees.

Welcome the May Queen,
Sing for her now,
For as the year turns to Samhain
She’ll return as an owl,
Blodeuwedd the owl.

Stand alone in the tower,watch over your land.
Hear the call of a hunter, call him into your hands.
He is dark, he is handsome, and the King is away,
Gronw says he must go now, but you ask him to stay,
Ask him to stay.

She can’t live without him, so while the King is away,
They plot to kill him in a year and a day.
With a foot on a cauldron, a goat holds him true.
By a fast running river, came the spear from Gronw,
And the eagle it flew.

My son where are you? For only I see,
An old rotting eagle upon an oak tree.
Come to me young lion and rest this night,
For your wife is a bird now, she will never see light,
Cursed to hunt in the night.