Agreeing to help Arawn, Pwyll is led to one of the tombs of the Old People. A gateway into the Otherworld of Annwn. He knows there are but three results for those who enter, madness, wisdom, or death. Which one will fall upon him as he sees the sights and sounds of the Otherworld, he does not know…

Echoes from the land,

From earth and mud and sand,

Reveal your destiny,

Always meant to be,

One more step you’ll see,

The deepest mystery.

Bards tell of this shore,

Where Taliesin walked before,

But Gwion now has fled,

Three drops it is said,

A fire in the head,

Inspired, mad or dead.

Annwn, song of eagle, over mountain, I can hear you.

Annwn, Arthur before me, Prydwen sail me, land of story.

A castle spinning slow,

And from the halls below,

The Harp of Faerie sings,

Of magicians and kings,

A blessing or a curse,

Your name now in its verse.

Echoes from the land,

From earth, mud and sand,

This is your destiny,

Always meant to be,

The Hidden Mystery,

One more step you’ll see.