Damh the Bard in Concert

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  1. Colin

    Thanks for the music and the stories. Your world seems a million miles away from mine as I sit here and write you from my room in New York City, but it sure sounds good.
    Colin McGrath

  2. damhbard

    Thanks Colin. Let’s hope that one day I won’t be a million miles from New York, and that I’ll get to play in your city.

  3. Lynn

    Just returned from the Oakleaf Lammas festival, where you entertained us so wonderfully on Saturday night – the highlight of the weekend for many of us, I know! The atmosphere was fantastic! First, but hopefully not the last, time I`ve seen you perform – I`ll have to make do with the CDs till then! Thank you so much!

  4. Charles

    Oh to be at a concert of yours one day.

    Perhaps I’ll be able to make it to the UK one day for one, until then, the CDs will have to be enough.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Džiudė

    I’ve been wanting to hear you play live for about……4 years now I guess. Now i’ve traded in small-town Ireland for north Scotland, I think I must be one small step closer =P Looking forward to getting down and hearing you play sometime hopefully soon! I really enjoy listening to your work 🙂

  6. Callum

    The Mercian Gathering sounds fantastic. I’ll ned to get a ticket when some money comes my way… I’ve been looking for something local like that for a while.

    1. Samantha Dearman

      Mercian has been cancelled for 2015 Callum but there is always the COA Gathering on 14th to 17th August at the Horley Camp site, Banbury, Oxfordshire where our Bard entertains us on the Saturday night! Always a fantastic weekend, for more details go to their website at Children of Artemis! then there’s Witchfest, again run by COA at Fairfield Halls, Croydon on 15th November 2014,this years entertainment is spectacular once again!

  7. Richard

    Hi Damh

    Just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for your excellent, recent gigs in Redditch and Jackfield. Ghis and I were some of the lucky few to be able to attend both events (sorry for being greedy folks).

    Fine music, inspiring and thought provoking lyrics and more than a dash of humour 🙂

    Hope you can make to our neck of the woods again soon.

    Thanks again.


  8. shepherdess

    Excellent, as always, at the Wessex Pagan Federation conference – looking forward to seeing you again in June.

  9. Sue Stone

    Just a “Thanks” for the great performance at PaganCon in Preston on 4th July. Absolutely enjoyed by all. Thanks again for a wonderful evening.

  10. Beth

    Oakleaf July 31st 2010 – what a fabulous evening! Thank you for putting so much energy into the evening – we were still buzzing with it the next day! And thanks to you both for trekking “oop north”, only to have to turn around and go home again. I hope you had a smooth, safe journey.

    Until next year – Bright blessings!

  11. Rose

    Witchfest Croydon yesterday – thank you Damh so very much for a wonderful set. I am just listening to the new live album which is BRILL, and wanted to thank you.

  12. Robert van Lieshout-Hendrix

    @collin: it does not have to be a million miles from your world! all you have to do is close your eyes and open your heart, listen to the music and you are very close…it´s simple! blessed be!

  13. David

    A concert in Florida on my birthday, my day has been made. I am looking forward to it.

  14. Kathy Zimmerman

    Hi Dave, Will you be at the PSG this year or anywhere in the USA?

  15. Samantha taylor

    I’d love to go to a concert but the nearest is nuneaton wich is a long and expensive concert if you dont drive. Ever thought of coming to nottingham or derby

  16. Damh the Bard

    Hi Samantha,
    I played in Nottingham last November, and will certainly be coming back.

  17. Chris

    Hi Damh!
    We really, really would like to see you!
    Is there any chance you will come to Germany?
    (Preferably around Dortmund)


    1. Damh the Bard

      Hi Chris! I’d love to come and play in Germany. I’ve only played there once and that was a great gig – it was near Frankfurt. No dates yet but certainly on the cards.

  18. Keije

    I have been looking into Pagan music for a few years and am practising the guitar for half a year now. So my musical journey has just begun, but your music really inspires me to go on. Hopefully I will be able to come to one of your shows in the summer, after I’ve finished my exams. But, if you ever have the chance, please come to the Netherlands! Thank you for your music and hopefully I will catch you soon!

  19. Jayme Moody

    I LOVE your music. You were one of the people who got me interested in Druidism.
    I hope to see you play sometime. Maybe you could come to southwestern Ontario, Canada?
    Peace and Blessed Be

  20. Razzy

    Hiya Damh. My friend lives in the US and loves your music. She wanted to know when you’ll be heading to the US?

  21. Scott

    Are there any plans of coming to Australia in the near future? My partner and I would love to catch one of your shows!

    1. Damh the Bard

      Yes we are coming to the Wiccan Conference to be held next year near Adelaide, so I’ll also play a gig in Melbourne and Sydney as part of the trip. Not sure when it is but it’ll be added to my concert page as soon as I know the details.

      1. Dan Sayer

        Oh no, Perth misses out! Ah well, if your Aus tour inspires you to write another song like “The Dreaming”, I shall be happy.

  22. Scott

    Brilliant! We’re in Melbourne so that’s very handy. Just told my partner and she is very much looking forward to it as well. Can’t wait to see you live.

    1. Damh the Bard

      Great! Usually play in Bar 303 when we play in Melbourne. Great little venue.

  23. Jon-Michael

    Hi Damh, are you likely to be playing any gigs in the Dorset area? I’ve been a fan of your music & the podcast for a couple of years now & it would be great to see you live! BB.

    1. Damh the Bard

      I’ll be looking to play a gig in the Portsmouth area next year. Hope that’s close enough for you.

  24. Bart

    Hello Damh, will you come maybe in 2014 for any gig in Scotland? I am absolutely amazed by your songs.

  25. colin

    hi we are still in the hope that you will visit north of the border (far north of the border-Caithness) as you did place the thought that you will make ex-Glastonbury greatest fans their decade. blessings

  26. Char Lewis

    I have a wish, and that is to see you perform here in Canada, Southern Ontario to be precise. I would so love to see you play. I love your music so much.
    Thank you for the best music,
    Blessed Be

  27. Barbara Adams

    Hi, is there any chance you will be in the West Midlands any time soon? I live in Coventry, ( well, someone has to!) and miss seeing you live, and can’t travel well these days. It would be fantastic to to see you in our Medieval City!
    Just a thought!
    Barbs. XXX

    1. Damh the Bard

      I’ll be doing a few dates in the autumn that I hope will include a gig near Birmingham. As soon as I know I’ll put the dates on my concerts page.

  28. John Cumming

    Hi Damh, are you planning to come to Scotland anytime in the future, possibly Glasgow. It would be great to see you live.

    1. Damh the Bard

      I’m playing at the Scottish Pagan Federation conference next April. I think it’ll be near Edinburgh.

  29. Andreea Nixe

    Hey, do you plan on coming to Czech Republic anytime soon? I would really love to see you live. Or maybe somewhere in Germany…?

    1. Damh the Bard

      Hope to be getting back to Prague next autumn. Also a date in Vienna.

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