It’s true. I’ve been really lapse at keeping up with my blog this year. Now so much has happened that to catch up it’ll take one monumental post that most people would get halfway through and find it’s time to go to bed. So if you are a regular (or hopeful) reader of my blog let me apologise and take the slapped wrist that is coming my way with dignity and say that the Bardic Blog is now back online, and will receive regular updates. In the mean time, here’s some photos of some of the things that have happened so far in 2010!

Boscastle Harbour

The Wizbang in the Woods

Kate and Corwen come to play

My new Bodhran

Anderida Gorsedd Beltane Open Ritual in the Rain

Creating by Tarr Steps, Exmoor

Anderida Gorsedd Wickerman School sign

The Camp Fire

The Procession

The Wicker Man

The Burning Wicker Man