First considered 22 years ago. Started April 2016, and the finished CDs arrived just 30 minutes ago. I am one happy Bard. To hold the finished album in my hands, with Cerri’s amazing artwork which has just brought the whole thing together. Well, it’s emotional.

If you pre-ordered the CD from my site you should have received an email this morning with a link to a download of the album so you can listen to it while the CD makes its way to you. If you get the album now you’ll also get that download included. This has been my biggest launch ever, and I have literally hundreds of CDs to pack up and post out, so be patient with me, they will be on their way to you all very soon.

The album also went on sale at midnight on iTunes and as it’s a double album they are asking £15.99 for the download. I don’t set the prices on iTunes or Amazon and I get why they’ve done that – there are a lot of tracks. If you buy the CD from my store it’s £15 plus postage and you get the download too, so it’s a good deal.

So the First Branch is done. In a minute I’m going to take off the Rhiannon pendant Cerri made me for this Journey and place it on my altar. I’ll thank Rhiannon, Pwyll, Arawn, and all of the others from the First Branch for their guidance and gift of Awen. I will ask Pryderi to stay with me, and then open to Bran, Branwen, and the energy of the Second Branch, to fill me, be with me, guide me, as I look towards Harlech, and to Ireland for an altogether darker and bloodier tale.

The corvids are circling, it’s time.

I hope you all enjoy the First Branch as much as me and Cerri have enjoyed creating it.