Winds of Change

Winds of Change

(Damh the Bard)

This is a song of hope.

Feel the Winds of Change blow around your head,
And slowly they disappear, leaving a single thread,
You walk along this road to see where it leads,
To trouble or a brand-new day,
The future is there to take.

Spread your wings,
Live your life, can you hear me?
Set you Spirit free, and live your life, can you hear me,
Calling your name?

And though the Mists of Time, they cloud your view,
With one breath of life,
You can see where the path leads you.
You walk along this road to see what you find,
Those burdens on your back aren’t yours,
You can leave them all behind.

The voice inside of your head is the Spirit of the Land,
So come and walk the Ancient Ways,
Reach out and take my hand.
You’ve walked this Path before
But you’ve never felt it so strong,
So let your heart be free,
Right here is where you belong!