Which of my songs would you like to hear me play live?

So this Friday I start my Samhain tour – just a little tour of a few dates around England and I’m really excited about it.

Over the years I’ve played at a lot of festivals, camps, and one-off gigs organised by people who run local groups. This is the first set of dates that I’ve organised myself and I’m delighted that it looks like the whole tour will be a sell out! Thank you!

So I’m wondering…

If you came to see me play a concert, what would be the one song from my repertoire that you would love me to play? I think I’ve put together a set that people will enjoy, but I’d hate to miss some songs out simply because I haven’t asked this question…

What say ye?

44 responses to “Which of my songs would you like to hear me play live?”

  1. Oh! Oh! “Winds of Change” at Witchfest pleas (can’t make any of the other dates). Thats very special to me and I’ve never heard you do it live.

  2. The Sons and Daughters of Robin Hood, of course! You can’t play a set at the moment without that. Really looking forward to seeing you live in Glastonbury next week.

  3. I love“The Antlered Crown and Standing Stone”! Unfortunately, I live too far away to come to see you play a concert… but I really like this song! 🙂

  4. It’s just about as impossible as it can get to choose “just one song” from your repertoire!

    However from a memory of a rather nice time and place, it has to be On Midwinters Day. I don’t think that I will ever forget your rendition at Tenbury which was fun and was so pleased and thankful when you did sing it the following week at the OBOD Midwinter gathering. A definite favourite along with ……. and ….. and …. and…. and…. Oh dear ! All of them!

    • I know exactly what you mean, Lenonore! The very first time I head Damh’s music, I had prayed to my Goddess about letting a Lord into my life. At the moment of sunset, on Midwinter’s Eve, “Midwinter’s Day” started playing. It was thanks to that song I accepted Hearne into my life, whereas before I had shied well away from any God (Harsh childhood experiences are the hardest to let go of).

  5. I really don’t think I can get it down to one , but all of the above and Green and Grey please 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you at Witchfest

  6. January Man

    Although I won’t get to see you play (travelling from The Netherlands to Great-Britain is quite impossible for me), but I do really really love that song, and I’m sure many would agree.

  7. Has to be Spirit Of Albion, to me it always brings the image of a bard aboard a ferry coming across the channel, seeing the white cliffs appear our of the mists, telling travellers of Albion,,,,Be Blessed My friend, see you up the hill very soon

  8. The Blonde Song 😉

    I love all of your songs though and have been lucky enough to see you play most of them live at Gatherings.

  9. Only Human. I remember the first time I heard you play that song live, I had to buy it, which then led to me buying the whole album, and then more albums … Anyway, it’s a really great song and it’s fantastic when sung live.

  10. I heard you play ‘Brighid’ at the OBOD summer gathering this year, but I can always stand to hear it again. Looking forward to seeing you in Leeds!

  11. I feel like a fraud as I won’t be in UK again before next April, but I would love to hear you play The Sons and Daughters of Robin Hood.

    I tell everyone about it whenever I get the opportunity.

    I hope that it is all a great success!
    Blessings for everyone involved

  12. For me Damh, I love hearing you play Merlin Am I – I even have a tear now as I think of you playing it. Rotten git! you havn’t even hit the first chord yet. 😉 xxx

  13. Green and Grey
    Hills they are Hollow-things I believe as my son calls it
    Sons and Daughters of Robin Hood
    Land, Sea & Sky
    Couldron Born
    To name but a few of my favourites! ! Can’t wait to see you again in Glastonbury next week! X

  14. Just one song? Then it’s Ceridwen and Taliesin, since the story means so much, which I’m just discovering. Although there seems to be no chance of ever seeing you live, living too far away …

  15. Hi, I am coming to the assembly rooms on 29th. I would love to hear you do When I become the Moon – but also would love to hear everything! When I become the moon makes me cry every single time. It’s like you reached in and took a part of me and then turned it into a song. xxxx bb

  16. My favorite is Th”e Sons and Daughters of robin Hood”, far and away. I speaks a message of resistance, honor to me, and tells us to stand up and be counted for the side of justice in this world.

  17. Greetings Damh,

    I’d like to hear You play live ”Sons and Daughters (of Robin Hood)”.

    Hope You have a ball,

    Merry Meet, Stan

  18. Hi Damh, we are coming to see you on Friday and it’s hard to pick a real favourite, but Merlin am I and standing stone antlered crown are great songs.

  19. I’m bringing my daughter to Witchfest this Nov for the first time and she is looking forward to hearing you play on stage more than anything else. Her favourite song of yours is Lughnasdh and if you could include it in your playlist it would make her day…possibly her year too.

  20. I love all of them, but remember the first time I heard you sing at ArItemis Camp – Noon of the Solstice – remains a favourite

  21. Looks like you’ll be doing a 2 hour set Dave! LOL! Kathy and I can’t make any of the dates but will be with you in spirit – the Spirit of Albion! Blessed Be!

  22. Damh as this will be the first time I have seen you play live it is nearly impossible for me to choose just one from your all your albums, but if I had to pick just one then it would be ‘Pagan Ways’.

  23. Whilst on my honeymoon in the UK 7 years ago, my wife and I realised you were playing in Canterbury. So we changed our plans and made our way down to see you, only to miss your entire show except for one song – my all-time favourite “Green and Grey”.
    Looking forward to seeing you again in Melbourne this November.

  24. Dear Mr Damh, I would love to see you play The Dreaming at the Bald Faced Stag. I have my ticket and am VERY excited! Whhhooo!

    • Oh I cannot wait to play that song to you all, and upon the land that inspired it. I think I’m going to be rather emotional 🙂 xx See you in Sydney soon!!

  25. I’d like to hear is Morrighan when you play in Sydney.

    It was through a random chance meeting 10 years ago with Jo who played Morrighan in the Spirit of Albion movie that in turn introduced me to your music, so it would seem appropriate.

  26. It just has to be “Sons and Daughters of Robin Hood, really reflects the times we live in and has a message for one and all! Mind you, you have produced some great songs, so so many to choose from otherwise!

  27. I love all your music, Damh, but “The Hills They Are Hollow” is still my all-time favourite! So glad I’ll be able to make it to Sydney on the 15th, can’t wait! 🙂

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