When You Were Born

When You Were Born

Song writing is cathartic. It’s a spiritual journey and things build over time until there is no way a songwriter can resist the pull to see a lyric through. Many years ago I wrote the song Only Son – it started its journey as a song called Herne’s Apprentice, but it gradually morphed into the song about a parent moving on from this world, talking to their son about the love they have for them. I love the song, but it never said all of the things that I feel for my own two sons. For a start there is no ‘only son’, there are two, loved equally, with their own stories and lives. Very different birth experiences.

Anyone who has a child should know the overriding, overpowering love a parent feels for their child. It’s that power I wanted to write about. It’s a personal song, but I hope that, if you have children of your own, you will identify with some of the words. They grow up so quickly, every moment is precious, and no matter how old they are, they will always be our children.

I haven’t managed to play it through without tears yet…

Verse 1

When you were born,

The nights were getting longer, and I knew I must be stronger,

Than I had been.

When you were born,

Looking forward to your chatter, and the little pitter patter,

Of your feet.

Son I heard your heart stop,

And the silence felt forever,

I called out to the land the sea and sky,

I held my arms out to you,

I’d hold you close forever,

Fell to my knees when you opened your eyes.

Verse 2

When you were born,

The lessons from your brother, to me and to your mother,

Kept you safe.

When you were born,

You looked so unconcerned, like you had just returned,

To this place.

Hand prints on the walls,

Little pictures home from school,

Are gone in the blinking of an eye,

But there’s no love that’s stronger,

No love that lasts longer,

You’re my sons, until the day I die.

Verse 3

Time moves on,

Falling grains of sand, I let go of your hand,

And watch you go.

Time moves on,

From the day that you were born, to the men that you’ve become,

I’ve watched you grow.

Your hearts may break,

And you will make mistakes,

Life it can be hard it’s true.

But when your baby cries,

And you look into their eyes,

You’ll know the love I felt for you, I feel for you.