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I thought we’d have some fun on the blog today with some lovely free technology. Do you have a favourite of my albums? If you do, please cast your vote by clicking the link below. I’d be fascinated to see the results as they grow.

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3 responses to “What’s your favourite?”

  1. What fun – I’m supposed to be working at the moment so am blogging as the inevitable displacement activity! There’s only so much of NLP one can take in one day… Have to admit this was a hard choice but I do have a particular soft spot for the Selkie, Obsession and the Fith Fath Song – in fact I wrecked the CD so will need to download another from itunes! Be sure to post the results on the blog! See you at the Assembly, Nat /|

  2. My vote went to “Herne’s Apprentice” and for me personally there’s no other choice …
    For me it all started with “Learning to Fly” … it hit me right when and where I need it most and it became “my” song, so to speak. Telling more would be a much too personal thing to do on a public blog.
    “Cloak of feathers”, “Obsession” and “Winds of Change” have a way of describing my own imaginary world (at least “Cloak of Feathers” did shock me the first time I heard it … it is so much like some things I once wrote ..).
    What’s to say about the beloved story of “Blodeuwedd”? It speaks for itself, we all know it .. more or less in depth.
    If I get into details … I’m afraid I’d need many pages to look around every song, but those from above … well … really … I have no words left and that’s saying something by itself.

  3. Had to vote undecided mate. Simply put, I listen almost wholly through iTunes now – my entire collection is ripped to it and my old lug ‘oles can’t really tell the loss from mp3 any more! I browsed your collection and there are 4* and 5* ratings scattered all through all of the albums; trouble is, they’re all too bloody good!!! And now I have to listen to them all again, oh dearie me LOL /|

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