Website issues…

Sorry that things have been a little quite on the blog over the past week.

A week ago my web server changed some of their security settings and made this announcement:

“This web server is currently the target of a huge distributed denial-of-service attack. During this time, websites hosted on this server may be unreachable. We are working with our upstream network provider to resolve. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

The changes broke my WordPress spam filter, and other functionality on my website, and I’m currently looking at a comments approval queue of 2,825 comments. The vast majority of these will be spam, and of course this number of growing all the time. I have held back posting here as when they finally fix this issue I don’t want to have to sieve through those comments to find authentic ones on new posts.

So until I announce that this issue is fixed, please don’t post a comment on my blog.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused, and I’m quite frankly shocked that my service provider hasn’t made one update on that server status for 7 days. No further information. Not good at all.

As soon as the issue is sorted normal blog service will resume, hopefully very soon.

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