Under a Beltane Sun

Under a Beltane Sun

(Damh the Bard)

This was the first song I wrote on this album. Cerri and I were on our holiday in early May exploring Exmoor and we discovered a beautiful prehistoric bridge called Tarr Steps. We sat beside the river for ages. Cerri was sketching the bridge and I had my bouzouki with me. I started to play the finger-picking pattern and just sang what I was seeing all around me. It’s probably the happiest and most catchy song I’ve ever written, and I also love the ‘country’ vibe too.

My shackled feet they long to be free from,
This modern Rome.
The ancient moors and the granite shores they are,
Calling me home.

Sometimes this city is too much to bear,
I hear a calling in my soul,
The Mother’s waterways will take me,
Where life has begun,
Under a Beltane Sun.

Cuckoo calls and the seed falls as the,
Children play.
Skylark sings to the swift on the wing in the,
Bright clear day.

Salmon swims and the diamond stream sings with,
The blackbird’s song.
Voice in the breeze well it whispers please won’t you,
Sing along.