Two great moments from PaganCon 2013

One of the great things about us all having smartphones with cameras and videos is that people photograph, video, and share stuff from live performances. Here are two great moments filmed from the audience at PaganCon 2013 (thanks Harry), a gig I’ve played for the last 6 years with this one just past being, in my opinion, one of the best.

The first video was filmed when I joined my friend George Nicholas and Cernunnos Rising for the last song of their set The Great World Tree. George told me after that my accompaniment made the song more bouncy – Damh the Bardic Bouncifier! Love it. If you are a listener of DruidCast you will have heard this band before and I just love this song from their new album.

The second video is from my gig and it’s Sons and Daughters (of Robin Hood) – for a while during this song I thought the revolution had begun…


The Great World Tree – (Cernunnos Rising with Damh the Bard)


Sons and Daughters (of Robin Hood)

2 responses to “Two great moments from PaganCon 2013”

  1. 93
    kinda new to th ‘scene’. is there any news on Pagancon ’14? or better still,if anyone can be arsed can you recommend any regular or established events/meetups etc of like-minded people?
    many thanks in advance
    Goddess/God/Neither bless 🙂
    Love is The Law,Love under Will

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