Two Faces

A gull settles upon the ocean,
Lifted and dropped by the swell
The ocean holds her,
And the gull trusts that she will not drown,
That the ocean is her friend,
And will not let her down.

A tree drops a leaf to the earth,
It falls gently, and lands in shade,
The sun dries it,
The wind blows,
The rain moistens its shiny, brown mirror.
And the tree trusts the earth,
The wind, and the rain are its friends,
And the leaf will feed its children,
To live once again.

A man gives of himself,
To others and to his Gods,
Shares his home,
Shares his life,
With his own land, sea, and sky,
His leaf falls to the earth,
His sea becomes storm thrashed,
His seed needs protection,
He trusts his ocean, his earth, his wind, his rain,
But the ocean drowns him,
The rain falls upon him,
The winds tears at him,
And the earth consumes him.

He sees his world taken apart,
By those with whom he shared everything,
And he learns.
That the ocean has two faces,
The earth has two faces,
The rain has two faces,
And the wind has two faces.