Twa Corbies

Twa Corbies


There are a number of versions of the songs Twa Corbies, others being The Three Ravens, and there are also versions that seem to have travelled as far as the Czech Republic!

As I was walking all alone,
I heard two ravens cry and moan;
One said to the other did say o,
“Where shall we go and dine today o?”

“Up behind that old high dyke,
I know there lies a murdered knight;
And no one knows that he lies there o,
But his hawk, and his hound, and his lady fair o.”

“His hound is to the hunting gone,
His hawk to bring the wild-fowl home,
His lady loves another Knight o,
So we may make our meal tonight o.”

“You will sit on his white thigh,
And I’ll peck out his bonny blue eye;
And with a lock of his golden hair o
We’ll fix our nest when it grows bare o.”

“Many a one for him does moan,
But no one knows where he is gone;
O’r his bones, where they are bare o,
The wind will blow for evermore o.”