tuatha dea and damhI love collaborating with other Pagan musicians.

It was great fun joining Cernunnos Rising for a song at last weekend’s PaganCon (if you missed the last blog you can find a video here).

Last year at the Pagan Spirit Gathering in Illinois I met the wonderful Tuatha Dea and they joined me for a song during my final set of the festival (along with Celia Farran and Arthur Hinds). It was a bit of a party.

A few months ago I got a message from the band that they were trying to crowd source funding to produce a new album, The Tribe. An album that they wanted various other Pagan musicians to play guest spots. Well they succeeded, and the album then progressed to become a community website that can me found here.

Anyway, here is the song I played on. I added a DADGAD tuned guitar, a bouzouki, and a vocal track.

Enjoy it!