To Greece!

Tomorrow me and Cerri are off to Greece. I’m playing a gig there on Sunday evening, and Cerri also has an art exhibition in the same hall in Ioannina.

When I started writing music I had no idea that it would lead to overseas concerts, I didn’t see that coming. But Paganism has a worldwide community, and songs that speak to Pagans in Britain will in all probability speak to Pagans in the USA, in the rest of Europe, in Australia and all over the world. Not only that, but I’m finding more and more that spiritually-based music, not matter what it’s path, brings people together, and I think quite a number of the people there on Sunday won’t actually be Pagans. Another thing I didn’t see coming.

This part of my work as a musician is such a gift, and I now am lucky enough to not only look forward to playing music for people in the UK, but also more and more places around the world.

Going to Greece is very special as Cerri can ultimately trace her ancestry there, and I cannot wait to touch the earth of one of the birthplaces of ancient Pagan philosophy. I wonder how the Spirits of the Land will respond to my songs? We shall see!

I’ll try and blog during the trip to Greece, but in the meantime, if you want to keep in touch, I’m sure to be tweeting on Twitter and on my Facebook page.

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