Time to Celebrate!

Yes, I think it is!

About a year ago I set up an account with Reverbnation, the main resource on the internet for independent musicians. They offer free email list subscriber forms, music players, you name it, all to help the budding indie musician find their way in the music business. The problem was I already had an email list sub form with another company, and at the time couldn’t see what more they could offer, so I left it.

Then a couple of weeks ago my website tripped the host server’s bandwidth due to the amount of downloads my music was getting, and shut it down for a full wekend. I just couldn’t believe it was true, but they refused to host my MP3s anymore, so I had to find another solution. So I returned to Reverbnation for another look, and decided to place their Flash music players on my site instead. Then, as I looked around the site I could see the benefits if I also swapped my email newsletter to them, so I did.

One of the benefits I noticed was that they count the hits on the music players, number of new fan subscribers etc, so you can actually see what is happening out there on the web with your music. I couldn’t believe what happened next…

When I changed to their system I was number 2500+ in the global charts, about number 800 in the world folk charts, and number 400 in the national folk charts. Within two weeks that all changed.

Here are my current chart positions:

Overall Global Rating: Number 456
Global rank in Folk: Number 24!
National Rank in Folk: Number 1!

So you have made me Number 1 in the UK Folk Reverbnation charts in just over a week! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

To see for yourself, check out www.reverbnation.com.

7 responses to “Time to Celebrate!”

  1. Congrats on all that traffic! Reverbnation’s great with all its stats and widgets, isn’t it. We’re number one on the Reverbnation National folk charts too, but that’s cos we’re the only Celtic Czech folk band listed! Still like Soundclick, though. All the best, Jeremy and Poitin

  2. Comhghairdeas! Congratulations, Damh! 🙂

    I think I’ll have a closer look at Reverbnation as well.. could be nice for us (An Taisdeal, Celtic Folk) to join there, too..


  3. Thank you for posting this, and congratulations! Well-deserved! I’m just so glad you alerted me to your reverbnation page, enjoying it very much!

    All the best!

  4. No. 1? Yeah Damh, but WE already knew that….it’s just trying to get YOU to believe it! lol.
    And I’m having problems with others who are claiming to be your number 1 fan….not bad enough that Dangerous was a serious contender.

    Hope you and K are keeping well,
    Hope to catch up with you later this year,
    Love Sue – the Purple Pixie One xxx

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