Through peace and challenges, we grow. 

Through peace and challenges, we grow. 

  The OBOD East Coast Gathering was wonderful. About 120 people gathered for ritual, community, music, magic, all held in glorious woodland just outside Milford in Pennsylvania. This time we were travelling with our friend Kristoffer Hughes. 

Druids are diverse, there’s no denying that, and when we gather together with open hearts and acceptance of that diversity amazing things happen. I’m sure there was the occasional mishap, but for me I only ever saw the swan, not the frantic legs beneath that invisibly paddle trying to keep the swan gracefully moving along. The rituals were beautifully run, the initiations deep and moving, the nights beside epic fires full of music and starlight. The labyrinth glowing nearby. 

I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty good life. 

We are now back in the UK for a few days before we head off to Australia to play music and run a few workshops at the Australian Wiccan Conference, then on to play more music with our good friends Spiral Dance in Adelaide and Melbourne. Just as Albion is embraced in the loving arms of Autumn, we find ourselves heading to a land opening to the thrusting life of Spring. Such is the wonder of this awesome planet. 

There are still some who question if we can possibly have a Pagan community, listing our diversity as one of the many reasons it could never be. But I can tell you that not only does it exist, but it is worldwide, and thriving. And no matter where I go it is beautiful, growing, and magical. Sure there are disagreements, but what family doesn’t have those? And through both peace and challenges, we grow. 

Australia here we come!! Let’s play some more. 

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  1. You are warmly welcome back in Australia, Damh & Cerri. I look forward to your return with Spiral Dance here in Melbourne a few days from now. And yes, diversity is indeed thriving here. Fey regards, Louisa.

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