This dog loves Green and Grey!

This dog loves Green and Grey!

When I played a gig at the Artemis Gathering last year there was a chap in the audience with a spaniel. The moment I started singing Green and Grey the dog began to sing at the top of his voice. It was so funny I barely made it through the opening few lines.

What is it with that song? Is it the line, “I was Lord of Animals and the Wild Hunt I led”?

Yesterday I was sent this video, of another dog thoroughly enjoying singing along with the same song.

Thank you Lisa for sending this to me.

Something to make you smile.

10 responses to “This dog loves Green and Grey!”

  1. Aww I loved this! I immediately played the song to my lab cross, to see if she would sing along too – but sadly, Bella is not a singer and didn’t even blink.

  2. I did the same but my dog knows it all already so had a duvet moment.

    Loved this. It just shows you dogs have an artistic spirit.

  3. Priceless lol! Beauty of a pup and a set of pipes too! Just goes to show, Descartes was soooooo wrong! Our animal friends not only can think but have deep, heartwarming souls as well. You think he was auditioning for you Damh?

  4. Lovely, Thanks for sharing that. It’s one of my most Favorite songs! 🙂 The beautiful Dog also seemed to respond to the sweet “Birdies songs” from the very beginning, & perhaps wondered where they were, as the ears stood up & opened to catch their tunes.

    Brightest of Blessings on this Sacred Imbolc Day /|\

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