The Green Grimoire

Journeys in Nature, Animism, and Magic, with Cerri Lee and Damh the Bard

The Green Grimoire

What is the Green Grimoire?

The Green Grimoire is the name Cerri and I call the Book of Nature.

Decades of experience have taught us that the language of Magic and Myth is spoken by the Natural World, and it is a deep and visceral connection with Nature that is our greatest teacher. The ancient Druids didn’t write anything down because they didn’t need to – it was there, all around them, written in the plants, trees, animals, birds, fish, insects, fungi, rocks, rivers, and the Elements. The challenge is to once again learn to read The Book – The Green Grimoire.

Our modern lives have created a distinct disconnect with Nature and now it’s like learning to speak an unfamiliar language that was spoken fluently by our ancestors thousands of years ago, a language that is still read and spoken by indigenous First Nations across the globe, a language that is critical and vital for us all to relearn.

So come with us on our journey of rediscovery.

Latest YouTube Videos

Cerri’s Wheel of the Year – A video diary that explores how we engage with the world around us through the turning of the seasons and the ever-changing landscape of our lives from a gardener’s point of view. All whilst attending to the essential jobs and a few crazy projects to boot both on the allotment and in the garden. Looking at it all through a crazy personal lens inspired by animism, spirituality, a bit of Druidry and even some magical perspectives.



Picnics with the Ancestors – Join Damh, Cerri and Oscar the Dog on their trips out to visit some of their favourite sacred sites and beautiful places looking for inspiration. We will be taking a picnic, and also to film them so we can share them with you. We invite you to come along and enjoy the sites, sounds and feelings of these fabulous places. As we walk, talk and sit with our picnic we will share our thoughts on Druidry, nature, myth, magic and anything else these places inspire us to chatter on about.


Quiet Moments and Meditations – Take a break and step out into the wild with us for a peaceful moment