In 1995 I remember being sat around a campfire at the Summercamp of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids listening to the stories and songs of one Bardic talent Andy Letcher. While he was spinning his tales and singing with his mandolin a plan was forming in my mind. I was being a witness to my future. Listening to Andy made me realise what I wanted to do with my life, where I wanted to go, how my Spirituality would develop. We kept in touch through his time in Jabberwocky, then he seemed to disappear from the Bardic radar. Then, last year I received a demo from his new band Telling the Bees. I fell in love instantly with the song Wood, and eagerly awaited the completed CD.

When it arrived one of the songs just blew me away, and I played it straight away on the DruidCast podcast. This song was called The Worship of Trees. My friend Paul Newman worked out the chord structure and we began to jam the song around campfires during the Summer with people shouting at us afterwards to record it. So last weekend we had a go at two versions of the song – one acoustic, the other a more rawk! version. Luckily Andy loves them, so if you go to my webpage here, you can download them for free – enjoy!

(Update: In a later blog entry you’ll read that my website crashed a server with the amount of hits it started to receive, so I had to take down all of the MP3s from my site. You can still get the Worship of Trees download – all you have to do is register for my free newsletter on the front page of my website, and you get the access to exclusive fan material through Reverbnation)