The Wheel

The Wheel

(Damh the Bard)

This song is a love song between the God and Goddess. It tells of the God’s birth, their meeting, their love within the Greenwood, and his death, at her hands, in the corn fields. But he waits in the earth for her to return, and together they will rule in the Otherworld, until his rebirth in the Spring.

As the sunrise on the shortest day my crying greets the dawn.
Tears of dew form on the web as I am reborn.
Feel new life spring from the Earth,
As the Mother of All Life gives birth.
Though I am a child I will soon become a man.

Feel the warmth upon your skin, sense the animal inside.
As every creature on the land, feels the rising tide.
The natural rhythms of the land,
As the Goddess takes my hand,
Into the Forest Green with the Horned Man.

The waves of corn have turned to gold my time is drawing near.
I see my Lady smile at me inside I feel no fear.
As She raises the scythe above Her head.
Blood spills on the Earth as I fall dead,
In the Otherworld I guard Her throne ’til She returns