Last Tuesday I had an accident in our back garden. I was chasing Oscar, our new puppy, and slipped on some mossy decking. I fell on my back and tore the intercostal muscles between my ribs.

Let’s just say, it hurt, and still does nearly a week later.

Having to be still has made me realise just how much I take for granted my mobility and health. To be able to just go for a walk, a drive, to lay down to sleep. To play guitar and sing. I’ve not managed to do any of these things for a week.

It has helped me to remember just how lucky I am.

Before I fell I had been thinking of pilgrimage. I have friends who have walked the Santiago de Compostela and maybe one day I will take that path – I know it’s something I would love to do in this lifetime. In the mean time I am considering a pilgrimage to give thanks for my physical body, for its ability to heal, when I can walk a good distance again.

Where to? I don’t know yet. But it’s something feel I need to do.

The Way is one of the most uplifting films I have ever seen. It’s challenging, and the beginning is more than a little upsetting, but the message behind the film is beautiful. If you haven’t seen it, do try. It’s on Netflix and is well worth tracking down.