The Wandering Road

I’ve always loved to travel. In the past I had my own business in the agricultural sector that allowed me to visit a good number of African countries, but now it’s my music that is creating opportunities to see the world.

Last night I played a concert in Prague and now I’m on my way to Vienna for another show tonight. When I started to write Pagan songs I had no idea that these tunes would not only be held in the hearts of so many at home in the UK, but that they would gradually spread across the world to be sung around camp fires all the way from Europe, to the USA and Australia. So when I visit these places, to find audiences that already know the words to my songs, it never fails to surprise and delight me.

So although it wasn’t my intention to write songs that spread further than the shores of Albion maybe it is our songs, stories, and poetry that is our common Pagan language, and the tradition of the travelling Bard is still alive and well!

One of the old Triads says:
Three primary essentials of creativity – an eye that can see Nature, a heart that can feel Nature, and a boldness that dares to follow it.

It is also said that those who would be a Bard must take up Harp, and sorrow, and the Wandering Road…

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  1. Very true. We’re just into Spring over here in New Zealand so the wilderness has started to call alreeady. Getting my hammock ready for some wandering this summer. I second Pombagira, make it to NZ one day please 🙂

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