As Autumn digs its heels in deeper I find myself mentally slowing down with a deep sense of peace. I love it that the season’s energy also matches my own.

It’s been an amazing and busy year with music and travelling, the Spirit of Albion movie launching, and the recording of my new album out next month. All of the music has been recorded and I’m now at the stage of fine tuning the mixing and mastering. Each day I’ve been listening again to the mix I had created the day before, and each day I’ve heard stuff I want to adjust. But with each passing day those changes have become less and less, until now I’m just adjusting the fine detail most listeners won’t even notice, but it’s important for me that it’s right when it reaches your ears. I’ve even remixed the free download I gave out last week, so I’ll be uploading a new version soon.

Like I say, I’m probably the only one who will notice the changes.

So soon it will be sent off for pressing. I’m sending it at Samhain. Very apt.

Once the master has been sent off I’ll be making a little video, telling the story behind each new song. I thought things were slowing down. Well they are. Apart from the video, Witchfest, the tour with Spiral Dance, the OBOD Winter Gathering, more gigs, a new songbook…

I love my life.