The Making of Sabbat – Scarborough Faire

The Making of Sabbat – Scarborough Faire

This is the third of a series of videos where I’ll be talking about the inspiration behind the songs from my new album. In this video it’s all about the story behind the classic English folk song Scarborough Faire.


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6 responses to “The Making of Sabbat – Scarborough Faire”

  1. nice one,great to know the roots of English traditional song,in peace jpj,ps looking forward to the album.jpj

  2. Really lovely version of this song and as the others have said, it makes a lot more sense now you’ve explained the ‘impossible tasks for the woman to achieve to be the lover of an Elfin Knight’. I’ve shared this on F.B.

  3. You constantly amaze and delight me with your songs and interpretation of other’s songs, Dave. Thank you ever so much for the education and spiritual enlightenment. I look forward to the whole album.

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