The Making of Sabbat – On the Shoulders of Giants

The Making of Sabbat – On the Shoulders of Giants

This is part of a series of videos where I’ll be talking about the inspiration behind the songs from my new album. In this video it’s all about the inspiration behind the classic folk song On the Shoulders of Giants.


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4 responses to “The Making of Sabbat – On the Shoulders of Giants”

  1. I love that you explain the essence of your inspiration of your songs,it is nice to know the “seed” of a song!.Until I have heard the songs on the new CD this is my favourite song already (o: (but I guess in the end I will have several favourite songs (o:).

  2. I am also loving these videos that share the stories and inspiration behind each of the songs, as it brings another level of understanding to those of us who hear it. It also means I can try and explain to my 3 year old once he hears them (he currently keeps singing “Winter’s gone away” as we listen to Tales from the Crow Man in the car a lot and that seems to be his favourite).

  3. Your albums just keep getting better and better! Than after being blown away by some truly epic songs we get these videos. To hear your inspiration just makes a truly great song even better! Is their any change of you and Ego Trip Media getting together and doing a video for Iron From Stone/Scarborough Fair?

    • Thanks Ed. I’ve been thinking a lot about creating a professional video for one of the new songs. My son is also at Uni studying media so that’s another route. Once things calm down after launch I might well look into it.

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