The Koala in the Ashram

For the last three days we’ve been staying in an Ashram up in the Adelaide Hills. A wonderful 5 acres of Australian bush bathed in 40 degree heat, yet with beautiful oasises of temperate shade.

We arrived on Friday and met Vivian Ogma Wyverne, an OBOD member I had ‘known’ for many years but had never met. Such a beautiful soul who lives in the Australian Bush and knows so much about the indigenous ways of this Singing Land. As I stood talking to Vivian she said that there were Koala living in the trees above. I looked up and there she was! Right above my head! I obviously had never seen a wild Koala before so just went completely daft – they are so sweet and cuddly! My first wild marsupial. I was surprised to discover how rare this was, and that a number of the other people who were staying with us at the Ashram had never seen a wild Koala! I have spent a lot of time just watching this lovely creature (and she’s also just watched me back). She spends a lot of her time on the property (driving the dogs mad by the way) just chillin in the trees during the day and then coming down for food and water at night. Wonderful.

Over the next two days I encountered a lot more Australian wildlife including lizards, beetles and spiders. But I have to say that so far the Koala and the dawn chorus provided by the Parrots in the trees above have been my highlights.

So much has happened in the last two days that I think I’ll leave it there for now and come back with details of the lovely handfasting, local prawns, beautiful people, black cockatoos, and the Druid’s Dreaming concert yesterday!

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  1. Damh, it was so clear to anyone watching you that there was some very special rapport between you and that koala that went very deep and strong. i believe you and she were forging a bond.
    wyverne /|

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