The Green Stream – The Green Album Live

The Green Stream – The Green Album Live

In 2016 The Green Album was launched to help raise money for The Rainforest Trust. Last night there was an online re-union of the 14 artists who donated their songs for the album and the songs were live-streamed on Facebook, a Hard Rock Cafe Facebook page, and on YouTube. Throughout there were short films about the Trust and the whole evening was a great success.

It was a late night for me and Cerri as the stream was hosted from the USA, so it began here in the UK at midnight, but it was so good to connect with my musician friends again, to see the joy the stream was spreading across the globe, and to once more help raise awareness and money for a thoroughly awesome cause.

If you missed it, and would like to see it, here it is!

Get the album & links to all of the musicians: Support Rainforest Trust & tell them The Green Album sent you:

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  1. Thank you, Damh. This was my third blessing by the gods today. Earlier this morning I had my first blessing, I met a lovely young red-haired woman named Annwyn, who knew the power of her name when I asked her. She blessed me with a smile. Then a friend sent me two astrology horoscope reports (one from America and one from Britain.) Each claimed 2021 will be the actual beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Been waiting 50 years to hear this good news! Thirdly, is this particular concert from “The Green Album”. It was nearly five years ago, that I first heard this new album was made to protect the rainforests. I never got to hear it, but I promoted ALL these artists on my Facebook page for more than a month before the Georgia Caldera-Fest which billed itself as the pagan Woodstock. I never actually HEARD this album until NOW! Nor did I drive the eight hours north from South West Florida to attend the show in Georgia. All these artists were a joy to hear. I will donate to the Rain Forest Fund. I am so happy today and feeling blessed.

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