The Green Grimoire – The Book of Nature 1

The Green Grimoire – The Book of Nature 1

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I’d like to invite you on a journey with me. Looking at discussions on social media and listening to some recent Pagan podcasts, it feels like there is an increasing focus on human-centric Paganism. Although I am indeed a human, that has never been what my Paganism has meant or been about to me. It has always been a set of tools and practices that encourage a deeper and closer connection to the Natural Worlds, both seen and unseen. That relationship has been the most important thing to me.

I love my human friends, but I’ve seen what happens to spiritual paths when they become overtly human-centric and I’ve always felt that Magic, Nwyvre, Awen, the Web have always been a part of Nature, and thus understood not only by humans but by all of Nature. They aren’t ours alone, and it’s also not all about us.

This journey of re-connection began for me right back at the start of the Pandemic, but it has really come into focus over the past few weeks after Jonathan Argento asked me for a title for a talk I was due to give at the Wild Witchcraft conference this past weekend. I told him The Green Grimoire, without really knowing what that meant, or why. Then, as I created the talk it became very clear.

The source of my Paganism is the Book of Nature. That relationship might influence my politics and human activity, but those things are informed by it, not the other way around. The noise I was hearing on social media had become deafening, and I needed to turn that down, get back out in the woods, beside the seashore, and listen to those Other voices again.

Which is what I have been doing.

I’m going to start to write a series of blog articles on The Green Grimoire here on my website. I will be sharing them on social media but, other than my House Concerts, I’m really not spending much time on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter right now, so if you like the sound of this journey and, like me, am craving a deeper experience away from your computer, it might be worth subscribing directly to my blog using the form on the blog page, or the front page of my website. That way it’ll come directly into your email each time.


Get those walking boots on.

We’re going out.

There’s more to come.

11 responses to “The Green Grimoire – The Book of Nature 1”

  1. Love your articles music and content. I disconnected many years ago. It’s my mind and not to be influenced by man, but by nurture & nature.
    Many blessings

  2. Hi Damh,

    Wonderful, uplifting post.

    I too have come off all social media in recent weeks in order to do three things:


    I aim to just exist and see where those voices you speak of take me.

    Fortunately, e-mail isn’t really social media and subscribing is the best option.

    Wishing you well,

    Steve G

  3. Thank you for the heads up! I’m getting this in my email so I guess I’m all set. I agree there’s too much social media noise. The only “twitter” I care about are the ones flying through the air or sitting in the trees.

  4. I completely agree. In fact I commented on a post in one of my pagan groups today with much the same idea. Looking forward to what you have to share on the subject.

  5. So comforting to know I’m not alone with these thoughts. Bless you Dave for bringing us together on your journey!

  6. Totally agree Damh! I have felt a similar pull away from the screen and towards the outdoors since late summer last year. Looking forward to reading more!

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