The Green Grimoire – Daily Gratitude Practice

The Green Grimoire – Daily Gratitude Practice

One of the things that keeps me connected to my path and Nature is my Daily Spiritual Practice. I did a search through my blog and found that I posted this article in July 2012 – almost 10 years ago to the day! It feels like yesterday. It’s been a good, very simple, daily ritual and it has served me well over the years.

To save re-reading the old blog here it is

I face the east and say, “I face the east, place of air. Bring me inspiration and clarity of thought on this day.” I acknowledge the east with a bow.

I turn to the south and say, “I face the south, place of fire. Bring me passion and intuition on this day.”  I acknowledge the south with a bow.

I turn to the west and say, “I face the west, the place of water. Help me to understand my deep emotions on this day.”  I acknowledge the west with a bow.

I turn to the north and say, “I face the north, the place of earth. Bring me stability, and groundedness on this day.  I acknowledge the north with a bow.

I turn back to the east, place my hands on my heart, close my eyes, and say, “And in my Spirit, where they meet, may I be blessed, may the Earth be blessed. So may it be.”

Recently I realised that there was something very important missing from it. Like the many spellbooks I see, and some blog posts too, this practice was all about getting something. Asking the Elements for their blessings. The truth is the Elements give those energies all the time. I really don’t need the Element of Air to give me inspiration and clarity of thought. The blessing and gifts are already there. It’s really up to me to open to that energy. The same with the gifts of the other Elements. I have worked with these energies and Spirits for decades. As I travelled the Journey through the Bardic OBOD Gwersi I went through rituals to awaken them and integrate them within my being. I’ve called upon them countless times in ritual. The Elements bring their gifts and blessings to my life every day!

I have realised that, for me, the direction of the practice was backwards. I didn’t need to ask for their blessings, I needed to give thanks. Show some gratitude for that connection.

So I’ve made some changes to my morning practice to acknowledge the gifts of the Elements and Spirits.

Here it is:

“I face the East, the place of Air. I give thanks to the Element and Spirits of Air for the inspiration and clarity of thought you bring to my life. I give thanks for the life-giving air I breathe, the birds and insects of the air. I give thanks for the gifts of Spring and of Dawn” – I thank the East with a bow.

“I face the South, the place of Fire. I give thanks to the Element and Spirits of Fire for the intuition and passion you bring to my life. I give thanks to the life-giving Sun who calls forth life and brings warmth and light to my life, and for the hearth fires that bring comfort and community. I give thanks for the gifts of Summer and of Midday” – I thank the South with a bow.

“I face the West, the place of Water. I give thanks for my deep emotions, and for the wisdom, guidance and understanding they bring to my life. I give thanks for the waters of life, for the rain, the streams, rivers, and the oceans that surround this sacred island. I give thanks for the gifts of Autumn and of Sunset” – I thank the West with a bow.

“I face the North, the place of Earth. I give thanks for the groundedness and stability you bring to my life. For the home and hearth. For the fertility of the Earth and the life and food that grows and sustains me. For the mountains, land, hills and caves. I give thanks for the gifts of Winter and of the Night” – I thank the North with a bow.

I return to face the East. Hold my hands over my heart and say, “And in the centre, where they meet in my Spirit, may I be blessed, healed and protected.”

Bringing my hands down to my side and feeling that healing energy flow through me and towards the Earth I say, “May the Earth be healed and protected. So may it be.”

The exact wording will change each day. This feels more connected. More a part of it all, and that to me is what Druidry is all about.


If you are feeling any disconnection from your path I would absolutely recommend a Daily Practice like this. Feel free to use this one, or create your own.

10 responses to “The Green Grimoire – Daily Gratitude Practice”

  1. I have been doing a similar little ritual every morning and never realized it.
    Truly, the blessings of the elements are there all the time for us to receive, and we are never grateful for them.
    I thank you for this, I will modify the meaning of my words and intentions tomorrow.


  2. I’ve done something very similar each morning and at dusk. My ritual was always about giving thanks because losing just one of these Elements would be the end of life on Earth. Loved your blog Dave and nice to know that I’m not alone out there following this practice.

  3. Hi Dave

    Many thanks for your wonderful blog, I have been doing my daily rituals now for quite a while as the sun rises its so nice to reaffirm what I am doing and that my path is shared by many others.

  4. Routine daily practice is something I’ve always found difficult, my life is chaotic and I’m always on the go and still always feel behind lol, so I have random daily practice. As some point during the day when I’m outside I will stop and give the thanks to the universe and breathe in the wonder of nature and it’s wonderful blessings

  5. You are so right; showing gratitude is a much more positive activity than the aggressive asserting of “my rights”/ “my hurt feelings” that seems to be so prevalent today.

  6. This is lovely. I do something similar each morning and evening, if only in my head in my inner grove.
    I also sit quietly and watch the sky in the morning, greet my cats, the birds outside and my family before I do much else. Sometimes it needs a cup of tea or two to get going!

  7. Thank you so much. I listened to your Tea with a Druid talk this morning, recorded as i’m in New Zealand, and am feeling very inspired. The daily ritual is beautiful and i will ve borrowing it. I have felt a sense of disconnect recently but this morning am feeling my spiritual path opening up with wonderful views, scenery and possibilities thanks to your talk. Blessings, Anne

  8. Hey Dave, and everyone,
    I tried a Daily Gratitude Practice some time back and it just didn’t work for me. I never really figured out why. I appreciate your sharing of this update and the contributions of the others. This version seems to resonate. I’ll give it a refreshed go tomorrow.

  9. Thank you Dave for an inspirational Tea with a Druid. I loved your gratitude practice which is a bit different to my own morning ritual. I will use some of your practice to enliven my own. I loved your song too. Thank you and blessings Rita /|\

  10. This is lovely Dave, thank you for sharing it with us. It feels good to give gratitude to all, to acknowledge without these things we would not exist, nothing would exist.

    Connection….reminds me of a picture I saw some years ago of the Forest in Autumn that said ‘There is no wi fi out here but I promise you will have a better connection’

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