Tales from the Road: The Vicar and the Devil

After the English Ale we chilled out then the next day we went for a trip around some of South Australia’s wine region. We did that last time I was here and I have to say that trip gave me the taste for South Australian wines, particularly those from the McLaren Vale region. So with Adrienne and Nick from Spiral Dance we headed into McLaren Vale!

The first vineyard we stopped at was Maxwells, a vineyard famous for its

Mead. Yes, I was delighted! I can safely and happily report that Maxwells mead is light and delicate reminding me of Lurgashall Mead or Lindisfarne Mead. Delicious! Then we made our way through some of the most tasty whites and reds until we returned to the mead, this time the spiced mead and the mead liquor. Oh my. If the mead liquor was available in the UK I’d always have a bottle in the house!

After that we met our friend Carolyn and went to Coriolle and Chapel Hill vineyards and I have to say that by the time I tried an award winning red called The Vicar I was more than a little squiffy, but then they brought out a Tawny Port called The Devil – well for a balance I had to try that too!

The mead, mead liquor and The Devil came back with us. Might crack them open tonight!

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