Tales from the Road – Sydney, Melbourne, and the Great Ocean Road

It has been so good to be back in Australia! This is going to be a little photo blog of our journeys so far.

We stayed with our friends Dave and Kelly Garland and met their lovely new baby – lots of baby cuddles ensued! Then Nick and Adrienne from Spiral Dance joined us the next day.

Friday was the first concert. This one at The Bald Faced Stag in Sydney, the third time I’ve played here. It’s usually a Heavy Metal venue, but for tonight the hall would resound to 5000 watts of folk music.

Here’s the view from the stage at sound check.

It was another wonderful night in Sydney with some incredible power being raised with a huge spiral dance during The Cauldron Born. The audience in great voice.

Then after sad farewells it was on to Bar 303 in Melbourne.

I love playing this venue too. It’s totally bohemian, with sofas around the edge of the room, and floor space for people to just sit on the carpet. What a great night. I finally had the opportunity to play the song I had written in honour of Australia in Sydney. A very emotional moment, and it was the same here in Melbourne. Happily that moment was filmed from the audience and here it is:

Video of The Dreaming is here

As I said this is a very quick catch up.

So many memories, so many good friends, too many to mention but I love you, and it was so good to see you all again!

The next day we said farewell to most of Spiral Dance before we left with Nick and Adrienne to drive the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to Adelaide.

We took three days to drive the road back to Adelaide. What an amazing experience! Here are just a few of the sites we saw.

And now we are in Adelaide ready for part three of our journey.

What a life, and life is music.

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  1. Fabulous views and great company..what more could you wish for ! I’m dead jealous…Give those fab people a hug from us. Blimey! I know The Bald Faced Stag usually plays Metal but was the shot gun really necessary for the sound check!!!! ;D xxxxx

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