Tales from the Road – How to feel safer on a plane

Back from Austria after a fabulous time, both at the pub moot, and the concert on Saturday night – where to begin? At the beginning and end of course!

I’m not a great fan of flying. Well, it’s not the flying that’s the problem, it’s the potential plummeting that’s the issue for me. But on this past trip I found my secret safety blanket. It was the European Cup Semis and Final over the weekend in Vienna and as I was sitting on the plane ready to fly out I heard a familiar Scottish accent. I looked around and there was Alan Hanson sitting just behind me, and there a little further down the plane was Gary Lineker. Suddenly I knew that the flight would be completely safe. The plane could never crash with these two famous people on board! Could you imagine the tabloid news?!

As Cerri and I sat waiting for the plane to take off on the return flight there they were again. Alan and Gary, our Guardian Angels 🙂

More of my Vienna trip soon!

5 responses to “Tales from the Road – How to feel safer on a plane”

  1. hee hee I had to smile when I read this!! As a flyingophobic myself – oh boy how I can relate! If only there was a famous person on every flight! that would make it all much easier! (especially if the famous person was Jon Bon Jovi – I’d have no trouble getting on a flight then 🙂

    A bit spooky that you saw them twice!

    Glad you both had a great time!…

  2. Oh if only Bon Jovi was on a plane plummeting to earth…

    I think you are right Damh, I mean, it’s not like in 1972 a plane crashed killing the entire Man U side, is it…

    Oh wait…..


    Good to have you back in one piece!

  3. I suppose the plane crash with Lynyrd Skynyrd makes two, oh, and John Denver, Big Bopper, Buddy Holly. Well that’s that theory out of the window then! LOL

  4. I bet Gary Lineker & Alan Hanson were thinking along the same lines as you… “Oh great…there’s Damh the Bard, we’re bound to be safe now……”

  5. Surely Gary Lineker’s ears would act as secondary wings if anything were to happen? You were completely safe Damh. 🙂

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