Tales from the Road – House Concerts South

About 9 months ago I put out an inquiry in my monthly newsletter. I’d heard about a phenomenon that was taking the USA by storm and really helping independent musicians connect with their audience. House concerts are now a growing industry so I thought I’d see if people who liked my music would be interested in having me visit their homes and holding a concert in that really intimate setting. I was delighted that people were up for it!

A couple of weeks ago I started a little house concert tour in the South of England (I’m planning to get up to the North in September) and it was great fun. I played the last date last Friday in Southend, Essex. I met some lovely people and was very touched that the hosts were willing to open their homes to me so I could play for them and their friends. I can honestly say I loved every gig, and would definitely do it again. So to everyone at Roz’s, Elizebeth’s and Jean’s and everyone else who sang along, laughed, clapped, and made me feel so welcome, thank you!

The picture was taken at my first home concert at Roz’s –  a magical night, great company, wonderful food and hospitality.

6 responses to “Tales from the Road – House Concerts South”

  1. If only Wayne & Coleen had known !
    Seriously though, this is a fab idea. I wish you luck with the Northern leg of your tour & next time you head south (west) let me know.

  2. Damh –

    If ever you plan a house tour of the US, I’m certain I could put together a party of folks who would love to see you perform here in the Seattle area if given enough advance notice.

    /| West /|

  3. I would love to invite you to play at my house Damh (if I had known about this sooner) but my rather Pagan-unfriendly parents would probably have something to say…. 🙁

  4. I’ve had so much fun with these, and so have the hosts, that I’ll make this an ongoing thing. So if any of you are interested in hosting a home concert, drop me an email and I’ll send you details. damh(AT)paganmusic.co.uk

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