Tales from the Road – Deaf Jam

I played the Faerie Folk Festival yesterday in Deal, Kent. It was organised by the most energetic chap I think I’ve ever met, who is not only organising this event, but at least two more this year, and a spiritual magazine!

Last Wednesday I developed an ear infection that by Friday had left me deaf in one ear. It’s not perminant, and I’m in for treatment this Wednesday. Now I’ve, so far, never had to cancel a concert, and I didn’t want to start with this one, but pitching my voice was, shall I say, interesting.

We arrived at The Landmark Centre at 10.30 (doors were opening at 12 noon – a nice sensible time for a Sunday!) and Cerri set up the stall while I set up my instruments in the performance hall. There were two other acts on the bill, and one, a band called Touch the Earth, had kindly brought their PA system for us to use. What I found was that I could pitch my voice easier to the droning sound vibrating in my head rather than the sound that was coming into my one remaining good ear! So once again I chose to play the gig completely acoustically.

I was a little worried. I just couldn’t tell how loudly I was singing, or playing the guitar! But there was no way this audience were going to get any less than my best. I was going to say nothing about my ear but on this occasion I thought it would be better to say something, mainly asking that, if people at the back of the hall couldn’t hear me, please tell me and I’d sing louder.

It was a great experience and I’m so pleased that I dug that little bit deeper and played the concert. I often wondered what happened when things like this happened to performing musicians on the road, now I know – you just get on with it! In the end people were singing along, and joining in with the vibe in the hall. They must have been singing loudly as I could easily hear them really well!

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  1. It was a fantastic gig. Had you not mentioned it, I’m sure that no-one would have known about your ear!

    P.S. Sorry about requesting the Blonde Song!


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