Tales from the Crow Man

Tales from the Crow Man – (2009)



Welcome traveller. It’s a beautiful Summer’s day, just right to sit here in this field of corn and listen to the voices of the past…

These songs (apart from the Green Fields of France and Wild Mountain Thyme) are modern interpretations of classic folk songs. The source of these songs lay with the great folk song collectors such as Cecil Sharp, Francis James Child, and the Copper family. These are songs that were transmitted through word of mouth, songs of the lower classes, music with no known composer.

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The Crow Man

Twa Corbies


Cutty Wren

Matty Groves

Hal an Tow

Bonny Black Hare

Green Fields of France

The Two Magicians

Selkie of Sules Skerry

The Parting Glass

Wild Mountain Thyme