Margot Adler – April 16, 1946 – July 28, 2014

I heard yesterday of the passing of Pagan author Margot Adler. Now if you read any blogs on the Pagan blogosphere you will read a lot about her over the coming days and weeks - she touched so many lives. Like many others, her book Drawing down

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Fire in Mind – Glorious Pagan Fantasy Fiction

Towards the end of the 80s my spiritual life was turning to a new direction. I'd been a student of Hermeticism since I left school and loved those times, but I was yearning for a more 'earthy' approach to magic. So I began to explore Paganism. I'd

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The January Man – Making of Antlered Crown and Standing Stone

Continuing the series of short 'making of' videos, this one tells the story behind the only cover version on the album - The January Man. The new album, Antlered Crown and Standing Stone, is available here Previous videos can be found here: Antlered Crown and Standing Stone

Sons & Daughters (of Robin Hood) – the making of Antlered Crown and Standing Stone

It seems right that this video should be uploaded on the eve of the USA Presidential elections. Here is the inspiration and story behind the song Sons and Daughters (of Robin Hood) from my forthcoming album Antlered Crown and Standing Stone due out on 17th November and available to pre-order

The Blessings of the Wheel

I love the way our Pagan Wheel of the Year works its magic. It lies at the very heart of my spiritual life and I'm sure, like many other Pagans, the more I have worked with it, the more my own life has changed to reflect the

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